The C&M Committee is comprised of laity and clergy who are members of Union UCC in good standing who have been ordained and installed and served as a member of Consistory. Committee members are appointed by the Consistory President.

The committee has the following functions and duties:

  • Church staff human resources/personnel
  • Pastoral relations
  • Spiritual counsel
  • Church membership policy

The committee meets monthly to support and oversee the staff’s work and to conduct annual interviews with all staff. It receives and communicates feedback from the congregation to the staff. The committee encourages, guides, funds and supports congregants who may pursue Christian Service and ministries. It serves as the convener of search committees for pastoral vacancies and directs the search process for other staff positions, approves selected candidates, and makes recommendations to the consistory.

The committee advocates for and supports the staff with the consistory and congregation by sharing dreams, joys, visions and concerns of staff. It concerns itself with the care of the staff and all church leaders. The committee supports continuing education needs of the staff, makes annual budget recommendations for staff salaries and benefits and recommends pastoral leaves, i.e. vacations, sabbaticals, to consistory for approval. The committee routinely monitors all members to insure adherence with congregational expectations/policies with regard to church membership and the covenantal relationship among the membership of Union UCC.