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Spring and Easter: A time to reconnect to God and your church. From Pastor Kris
Our pastors, staff and leaders want to thank everyone for all that they do: attend worship, support
an event, join a group or committee, participate in an event, share in leadership, pray for our church, and the many ways that you support the mission and ministry of Union. Thank you, and thank you, God!
We realize that there are times when attending church, participating in events, or contributing financially to our church’s mission and ministry is not always possible. Know that we are always praying for everyone and are always glad to support you in these times. We’re here for you.

We also want to remind you that we take the commitment to membership here seriously. Your spiritual
well -being is important to us. As our staff and leaders do all that they can to provide you with
meaningful opportunities and pastoral care, we need you to do all that you can do to stay connected as


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