Northern Lehigh Food BankThere are as many answers to this question as there are members, but here are some specific reasons to put the work of God at the top of your budget.

It is possible for each of us, individually, to make a difference in this world, and we hope you are successful at this every day, if only through holding a door for someone, picking up a piece of litter or just sharing a smile.  It is more difficult for individuals to battle hunger, homelessness, tragedy and injustice.  Here is where coming together as a Christian church is important, to focus our time and resources to make God’s presence known in the world.

Worship is when we can feel God’s presence.  We are lifted up, refreshed for the week ahead, strengthened for the tasks before us, and renewed in spirit.

Mission allows us to share our bounty with those very much in need within our community and throughout the world.  We support the Northern Lehigh Food Bank, the Miracle League, Sixth Street Shelter, Salvation Army, Pathways, Lehigh County Conference of Churches, the U.C.C. Penn Northeast Conference and many other charitable causes.

Staff lights our path.  The pastors show us the way that Jesus would have us follow.  We are blessed by caring, thoughtful ministers, who walk with God, yet reveal themselves as one of us.

Facilities including our church building and grove provide meeting space for scouts, Al Anon, and many of our own groups that extend our reach into the community, demonstrating that God is still speaking.