The Consistory Committee is the executive body of the Church. The Consistory at Union U.C.C. is composed of the Pastors and 21 members of the church elected by the congregation. This group takes care of and oversees all aspects of church life.  Other committees report to Consistory sharing their work and efforts. Members come from various levels of leadership and church experience and are expected to be involved in other aspects of the church’s work as well. This committee meets on the third Monday of each month at 7pm.  One must be an official member of the church for one year to serve in this group.

Consistory Officers

Eric Minnich, President
Don Penrod, Vice President
Janice Metzger, Secretary
Maryann Kitzmiller, Treasurer

Class of 2023
Aften Hamm, Jason Klinger, Donna Christman,  Suzanne Lorah, Todd McCoy, Kerry Snyder, Eric Minnich

Class of 2024
Dixie Gross, Brian Horwith, Don Penrod, Jim Lane, Al Stubmann, Larry Todd, Janice Metzger

Class of 2025
Carol Stout, Claire Kern, Deborah Romig, Gene Thrash, Gloria Toner, Laura Kohler, Phil Wehr