Confirmation is a lifelong process of maturing in the Christian faith. Families begin this journey when they make promises to God at a child’s baptism and it continues throughout one’s life.

We offer our confirmation ministry to youth who are in 8th grade. The curriculum, Confirm not Conform,  encourages youth to take ownership of their faith by asking questions, reflecting on topics presented, Church history, Bible studies, weekend retreats and sleepovers, and service opportunities. We hope that by the end of the year these experiences will help students affirm their faith for themselves with the continued support of family and the church.  Although it is not a requirement for parents to be members of our church in order for the child to be in the class, we hope that families will take this commitment together and that parents will join the church as their children do.

This one-year class begins in late September and ends in May. The classes are held in the Youth room of the church on Sundays during our Education Hour (9:15 – 10:15). At the end of the program, we will celebrate your accomplishments with a special worship service.

If you are interested in becoming a part of a confirmation class, please contact the Pastor Kayli Freeman at 610-767-6961.