Over the course of our 25 year history, preschools have become a necessary prelude to Kindergarten. Neffs Preschool has kept up with the trends.

  • iPads have been added to enhance the basics of letters, numbers, and social skills.
  • An organized gym class, as well as free playtime on the playground in our beautiful church grove, encourages activity in response to concerns of childhood obesity.
  • Library time and an age appropriate lending library was established.
  • Field trips help the children to discover the outside world.
  • Show and tell, centers, class parties, and annual visits from Santa Claus encourage socialization.
  • A Teddy Bear Clinic helps familairize the children with basic medical first aid and instills other good self-care habits.
  • Fire prevention is taught complete with a firetruck tour.
  • Chapel time, which nurtures the Preschool’s philosophy of loving, caring, and sharing, is done monthly.
  • Safe Child Policies are in place to maintain the children’s safety at all times.