The following staffing changes began when our previous Senior Pastor retired in 2014.  Pastor Kris served as Acting Senior Pastor during this time.  When she was called as Senior Pastor on October 2, 2016 Pastor Allan and Rev. Patience have continued in the following ways.

The Rev. Dr. Allan Kramer-Moyer began serving here as our Interim Assisting Pastor on November 4th 2014. “Pastor Allan” will be doing hospital visits on Mondays and will have office hours on Monday, Tuesday and Friday. He will share in representing the staff in our committees, attend staff meetings, join Golden Times and help provide programming, share leadership with Pastor Kris in the Friday morning Bible Study Class, share leadership with Rev. Patience and Pastor Kris with the Sunday morning Adult Class, assist with weddings and funerals, and assist in worship and preach. He will serve for 25 hours a week, which is part-ti me.

Rev. Patience currently serves with us for about 10 hours a week, focusing on caring for people on our Visitation list, leading Golden Times and the Helping Hearts, assisting with the Sunday morning Adult Class, assisting in worship monthly, preaching quarterly, and attending staff meetings. During this interim ti me, her hours will increase to 15 hours a week, she will add doing Wednesday hospital visitations, funerals, and additional Sunday morning Adult Class sessions. She typically does not have set office hours but appointments can be made by contacti ng her.

On January 8, 2017 the Associate Search Committee was installed and they have begun the work of preparing the necessary items for a search for our next Associate Pastor.

Thank you to the committee members: Pastor Kris and Dave Fleming (Co-Chairs), Donna Christman, Aften Hamm, Ardith Kuhns, Sue Ondrey, Carrington Smith, Phil Wehr, Teresa Dalrymple, Natalie Ondrey, Mollie Jarrett, Jason Klinger, Ashley and Ben Anderson.

The staff and leaders can’t thank you enough for your support and prayers during this time of change. If you have questions or ideas or want to offer your help, please contact Consistory President Brad Hackett, Church and Ministry Chair David Fleming, or Pastor Kris Snyder-Samuelson, Senior Pastor. (Contact the church office for their contact information.)